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Cat Sleeping Habits: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re like us, around 367 times per day, you’re gazing at your cat, the most gorgeous creature ever to walk the earth, thank you very much, and wondering what’s going on, how they’re feeling, and why they’re sleeping ?… Again.

We will break down your pet’s sleeping habits and what they’ll provide about your BFF to allow you to concentrate on what’s important such as head scratching and nuzzles.

Cat Sleeping Positions

Cats can rest anywhere. Then they’re sleeping on top of the refrigerator, and then the next day, they’re sleeping in the cardboard box full of recyclables (AKA all the wine you consumed the previous week, but we won’t be discussing that now).

Here are some of the most common cat sleeping positions and what they refer to:

Curled Up

Cats are in this posture as they try to stay secure by placing their legs above their inner organs and preserving their internal heat!

Half Closed Eyes

This is typical for newly adopted pets or felines in a new setting since they’re now ready to get up and take care of. Give them some time. They’ll relax.


Cats adopt this snoozing posture; their limbs are tucked in when relaxed but willing to jump into action when needed.


This snooze-on-the-side position indicates your cat is safe in their environment. Yay!


This kind of position explains the position. Cats engage in these weird movements because they’re comfortable, and that’s the only reason for it.

Belly Up

Congrats! If your cat’s belly is up, they’re 100% at ease. It’s a clear signal of confidence. 1000 points towards Gryffindor!

Why Do Cats Sleep on You

Cats are often criticized for being notoriously moody. They do have their downtimes, but what do we talk about the times they lie down on you? Can you think of any more satisfying? No. It’s not true.

What exactly is it that means when your cat is sleeping on you? Here are a few explanations why your best friend might be seeking a hug

In search of warmth: When it’s time to take an afternoon nap, cats search for warmth. Your body provides them with the warmth they need.

Bonding is Also called “pillowing” when done with other cats. It’s simply a way of saying they want to be connected with you. So. Sweet.

Marking the territory, Katzes have territorial rights. When they rest on you, they’re essentially claiming their territory. A little scary But also…cute.

How Long Do Cats Sleep

Research has shown that cats sleep for 12 to 16 hours per day. Jealous? Yes, we are too. Do not be concerned if a work-from-home schedule makes you realize how much sleep your cat gets throughout the day. They sleep at night, and most of their activities occur in the evening. Ahem-zoomies-ahem.

How Much Do Kittens Sleep

Are you prepared to take on this challenge? 20 hours! Their bodies are developing, and sleeping is essential during their early development stage. The born kittens sleep most of the day before launching into hyperactivity mode for the rest of the time.

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