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Denver’s Dog Days of Summer: Where to take your dog swimming

Denver’s summers are amazing. The average high temperature in July, usually the hottest of the year (or 31degC outside the U.S.), is 88degF. Low humidity is a good sign for the season. It creates a pleasant heat during the day and enables chilly nights.

You and your dog will both enjoy a day in the water on such a beautiful day. Denver has plenty of dog parks to let your dog run and get wet without worrying about the leash. We have a version of Bear Creek Lake that is off-leash for those who live in the Mile High City or are visiting.

Chatfield State Park

The Chatfield state park is 70 acres (insert choir of angels barking here) of land ready to be explored. Two ponds are available in the off-leash zone, where your dog can get wet under the sun. You can see a mixture of the Rocky Mountains, urban views, and beautiful landscapes from the park. You can purchase a day pass or enroll in an annual membership. The park also has multiple training areas, so your dog can become the next Michael-Phel-pups.

Westminster Hills

The entire 420-acre Westminster Hills Park offers scenic views, an off-leash zone with benches, and a shaded area where you can have a snack and a drinking station only for Very Important Pops. A small pond is an excellent place for your dog to splash around. The park is open from sunrise to sundown every day, so you can take your dog swimming all day long (sing like Lionel Richie). This park is located just north of Denver, in Westminster, Colorado. It’s a short drive from there.

CRCG Indoor Pool

Canine & Conditioning Rehabilitation Group has Colorado’s most significant and first indoor dog swimming pool. The heated pool is perfect for your dog’s paddle during colder months and rainy days. The CRCG can accommodate your needs, whether you want to share the pool with dogs and their owners or book a private swim just for the two of them.

Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park has 107 acres of land, ideal for running, sniffing, and fetching. The southeast corner has an off-leash zone that provides access to a creek for water-loving dogs. It is a popular park, so a long wait may occur during peak times. But it’s worth it. This is the ideal place to escape during summer, whether you want your dog to swim or simply trot in shallow water. Cherry Creek State Park, located south of the city, is the perfect place to enjoy hiking with your dog pal.

Swimming is a great activity for you and your pet. Swimming allows dogs to release excess energy and keep them healthy. Your dog may also be so tired that he will take a nap. That sounds adorable, and we’re so jealous. Cool water will help them to thrive in the summer heat. Bring some floaties, some treats, and go for a refreshing swim with your pup.