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Do Cats Like Water

Although most cats are enthralled by water running and love watching it, most of us feline pals don’t like being wet. It is likely to determine by the cat’s body behavior what they think about water. Many wild big cats (tigers and lions, leopards, etc.) can be found bathing or swimming in lakes and rivers to cool off in hot temperatures. Because domestic cats aren’t as exposed to the elements as wild cats, Many don’t feel the same pleasure of getting wet.

Reasons Cats Don’t Like Water

Scientists aren’t sure why cats dislike water, but they have some suggestions…

Water Weight

If a cat’s fur is saturated, it’s as if they’re carrying the weight of a wet, heavy blanket. This can be discomforting, making it difficult to allow them to move with the agility they’re accustomed to.

Chemical Smell

The smell of a cat is its most powerful sense. The smell of chemicals or soap in water might not be evident to you, but your cat is sure to smell it and may be frightened.

Lack Of Control

Cats can manage themselves when they’re on the counter in the kitchen or dipping their toes in the basin; a bath is a different scenario. This lack of control could cause stress to your cat that they’ll want to avoid having anything to do with bathing.

Past Experiences

Most of the time, past experiences can influence how your cat responds to current situations. If they’ve had a terrifying or unpleasant experience with water as a child and didn’t like it, it’s unlikely they’ll want to revisit it today.

How to Make Bath Time Easier

Bathtime is in line with cutting nails as the most effective way to cause your cat to go into a state of panic. It is a good thing that cats can get their tongues clean. If they are in an unpleasant situation requiring a bath, there are some tips you can take to make the process less stress-inducing.

Make sure to fill the bath with just hot (not warm) water to soak your cat. Don’t overfill.

Do not get your cat’s head wet. Only apply shampoo on the area affected.

It can distract your cat by giving many praises and delicious treats.

Make sure to wash off the shampoo and conditioner completely to ensure your cat doesn’t take it in when licking themselves.

Dry your cat with a towel, after which you can leave your cat in a warm area to let them dry.

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Which Cats Like Water

There is a truth to it, some cats enjoy the water and are awed by being wet! They include:

Maine Coon

Turkish Angora


Japanese Bobtail

American Bobtail


Norwegian Forest Cat

American Shorthair

Turkish Van


If you’re searching for cats that love the water, just like the Labrador Retriever and you’ll end up with a breed of this. If your cat isn’t a fan of water sports, these treats can ease their anxiety to ensure more relaxing bathing time.