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Four Tips To Prepare Your Cat For A Vet Visit

Going to the vet could be an entire rodeo! The process begins with convincing your cat out of under the mattress before putting them in the pet carrier. Then, the hush of sadness that they produce fills the car to the point of taking them to the vet. The waiting room has weird smells, other cats, and obnoxious dogs. The whole thing has been going on before the visit to the vet has begun! When you enter the examination room, you realize that your cat is scared; they’ve had a pee in the cat carrier. You are feeling guilty and stressed, and you would like to take your cat back home, where it can feel secure. Sounds like the right thing to do?

It’s no surprise that a large portion of the cats living in the U.S. do not receive regular veterinary treatment. In this post, I will give you my top techniques and tips to gain your cat’s vet care with significantly lesser stress.

Tips for a Successful Vet Visit for Your Cat

You can try a mobile vet. As a house-call veterinarian, I can relax with my feline patients from the privacy of their homes. They tend to be less stressed, and I can slow down and respect their privacy. Most of my physical examination is disguised as affection and play, allowing kitties to be more relaxed. Most mobile veterinarians are equipped to handle everything except xrays and surgeries at your home.

Improved living with Chemistry. Anti-anxiety medications and supplements could be game changers in pet veterinary treatment. Much like how humans enjoy a little relaxation at the dentist’s office, cats can calm down with the help of certain medications before their visit. I am a huge fan of Gabapentin. Dispensing it as a liquid or meltable tablet. To provide a natural, more relaxing approach, CBD is a great option to assist my feline patients before and after their veterinary treatment. For a typical 10 pounds cat, I recommend taking 4-8 drops HempRx two hours before the visit.

Introduce the chariot before you make the trip. Let your kitty get to know that bizarre box before you ever have to utilize it. If they can only see your chariot in times of stress, they’ll sprint every time they see it. You can play games in the carrier, offer your cat treats, and feed your cat in or within the car.

Make yourself ready. Taking my kitty to the vet can be stressful and exhausting for me. I prepare by ensuring I’ve got enough food to eat and drink and by bringing snacks. Foods are always a good idea, and you should know that. Note notes of your concerns and questions before your visit will keep you on track and the right path. Check with your veterinarian to see if they have the records of previous visits to help make the visit more efficient and prevent administering already administered vaccines. Bring in a new Poop sample if your cat is outside can ensure your vet is happy. We are a breeze to impress!