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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is a perfect time if you’ve ever wanted a reason to get dressed up for your dog. We’ve pulled together some ideas to keep Halloween fun and safe for you and your furry family members alike. Halloween is a time to trick or treat, you know!

Carry Your Identification

When you’re giving out treats at home, or trick-or-treating with the entire family of Incredibles, or even coordinating your pet and human costumes (Darth the Vader or a furry Yoda, for instance? ), Be sure that your pets are wearing current I.D. tags and are equipped with microchips that contain all the current information for the event that something happens!

Candy Is Not For Pets But Treats Are

As a guideline, it is best to be mindful when feeding dogs “people food.” The human threats to avoid are listed below.


Although you might love raisins as an alternative to candy that is healthier, You may be wondering, “are raisins bad for dogs?” It is not advisable to give your four-legged treats or trick-or-treats any grapes or raisins since they could be poisonous to dogs.


Sugar-free sweets may be healthier. However, xylitol and dogs don’t even mix well. It is particularly harmful to dogs, and you should not offer your pet any food containing xylitol in the ingredients list.


Although humans are fond of this sweet treat, chocolate is not designed to be enjoyed by dogs and could make them extremely sick.

The bottom line:

However tempting it might be, you should not take your candy-filled Halloween haul to your dog. Additionally, they’ll rather have chewy bites instead. Bone-a-pet-treat!

If you suspect that your pet has consumed something poisonous and that your pet has ingested something toxic, call your vet and the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 as soon as you can.

Be A Visible Pet On Halloween

To avoid a dangerous faux paw (get it? ), Wear reflective vests and light-up collars so your Batdog can easily identify in darkness. Safety purrs. Err, first. Points if you dress with matching headlamps!

Halloween Is Not For Every Pet

The constant ringing of the doorbell and tiny hands pounding on the doorway can be annoying and even frightening for pets. If your pet is nervous, make sure they are in a quiet area at night and put on their preferred film or block out those alarming sounds by playing a relaxing Spotify playlist.

Hold A Dress Rehearsal

As with any major event, conduct an official dress rehearsal. Don’t wait until the event night to put your pet into costume for the first time. It’s best to find any issues for your pet before the event.

It is possible to introduce your costumes to your pet in steps. For instance, if you thought of a complete Hula costume in your mind, then put your pet wearing the grass skirt on one occasion, the coconut bra next, and then the brightly decorated flower lei.

If your pet isn’t a fan of the costume, be aware that they’re just as precious without extra accessories (but don’t be afraid to get an adorable leash or adorable collar).

Keep Your Buddy Close

The buddy system can be applied to Fido also. Although your pet might be comfortable in your backyard alone, Halloween night is a completely different tale. The mixture of new faces costume, people in costumes, and general Halloween fun can make your pet feel overwhelmed. They’ll be much more comfortable trick-or-treating or escaping indoors, far from the tiny ninjas, unicorns, and princesses.

Halloween Decorations Are Scary 

Halloween decorations vary from spiderwebs that stretch to elaborate decorations that leap to light up, scream and shout. Do not leave your pets alone with things that expose them to danger (i.e., electric string lights, jack-o’-lanterns with flames, or that massive container of corn candy.)

Follow these tips for pet safety during Halloween to ensure you have the most enjoyable Halloween ever! If you’re dressing up, post a picture on social media and include the hashtag #ILYhalloween, so we can show our joy!