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How to have the best road trip with your dog

There’s no better way to enjoy a road trip in the summer than with your dog. Here are some top tips for a road trip with your dog!

How to make your dog comfortable in the car

If you’ve never taken your dog on a road trip beyond the vet office, starting with a cross-country road trip is not recommended. You should ensure your dog feels comfortable in the car before taking them on a long journey.

It would help if you started acclimating them to car rides as soon as possible to ensure that they will succeed when they are older. Don’t worry if you didn’t take them on car rides when they were puppies or adopted later in life. You can teach them to drive well too.

You can start with short trips and gradually increase the distance. Encourage them with treats of high value and lots of praise. Avoid feeding them for a few hours before driving if the car is sick.

After they become comfortable with shorter trips, extend the trip. Try a day trip or even an overnight stay. Once they have mastered that, they are ready to go on a longer trip.

They deserve their seat

The same applies to your vehicle. Set up a dog bed, blanket, crate, or special dog car seat for them. They will be happier and feel more secure in their own space. They’ll always know where to sit when they get into the car. This will make it more comfortable for both you and them. No more swerving to avoid them on the highway.

Bring Essentials and Favorites

Pack all the items your dog will need in a single bag. Include the basics, such as food, water, and leashes. Also, include items you may need in an emergency, like vaccination records and dog tags. This could include their favorite ducky, a cuddly sleeping blanket, and plenty of treats.

Maintain a regular schedule

Maintaining a regular schedule when driving across the country may seem impossible, but even small things can make a big difference. You should always give your dog access to water, just as you would at home. Also, make sure you feed him breakfast and dinner on the same schedule you would.

Regular potty breaks are also important. You can plan your road trip around your dog’s normal eating schedule. You can expect fewer bathroom stops with a large breed dog on a road trip. You should expect to stop frequently on a road trip with a pup. Also, bring piddle pads for accidents.

Choose Dog-Friendly Destinations

While we would love to bring our dogs anywhere, not all travel destinations are as enthusiastic. Researching before you leave can avoid frustration when you get to the park and find that dogs are prohibited almost everywhere.

A dog road trip application or a pet travel planning site like Bring Fido can help you locate dog-friendly excursions, pet-friendly accommodations, and even those near dog parks. You can find a variety of accommodations for a road trip with your dog to Florida, and it will tell you which tours in the Everglades are best for Marshmallow.

Should you bring your dog along on a road trip? If you ask us, it’s a good idea. You and your dog will remember this trip forever, whether you pack the whole family in the minivan or hit the road on your own.