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Why Does My Cat Knead Me

Kneading (or “making biscuits,” as some claim) is the movement domestic cats create by putting their paws out and switching the right and left paws against a smooth surface, such as your lap or a blanket. Particular cats have their claws in a retracted position, whereas others will extend them when they knead. This oddity is adorable and deserves a place on your Instagram account; you may think about why cats do it at all in the first place. Many people studying the behavior of cats have the same question but do not have a concrete answer. There are, however, many theories there. Take your cat and read on to discover some of the more well-known ideas available.

A Leftover Behavior as a Kitten

Many believe that kneading is a natural characteristic of kittens. Kittens who are born naturally knead their mothers’ stomachs to increase their milk production. Then why do they keep kneading when they become mature felines? They have a connection between kneading and the calming sensation of nursing. If your sweet kitten starts to make biscuits on your lap, remember that it could be their method of showing affection toward you.

Getting Ready for Bed

Another reason cats are inclined to knead is the fact that they may be preparing to take a relaxing catnap. It could be a trace of their ancestors in the wild when they would knead and pat long leaves or grass to create a comfortable place to sleep. As we all know, cats love preparing for their next place to nap, So take note of this when you notice your cat fluffing the comforter of your bed before sleeping.

Marking Their Territory

Cats are highly territorial, and kneading is a method they use to mark their territory. There are scent glands on the soft pads of the lower paws. When kneeling on a surface like your lap can activate these glands. This is, in essence, your cat’s claim that you are theirs.

Staying Limber

Cats are naturally stretchers and are awed by getting the kinks off their bodies after a good catnap. Kneading is one of the ways your pet can remain free all day.

When they’re going into Estrus

Certain female cats will knead continuously when experiencing Estrus, also known as being in the heat. It could be meant to draw female interest and to let them know they’re ready to mate. It’s tough to deter the natural behavior of the estrus cycle. Therefore, getting the cat sterilized is the best method to reduce the symptoms.