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Why Should I Feed My Dog More Than Kibble: A Healthy Dog Diet

There are many campaigns designed to discourage the feeding of dogs with the kibble they are fed, and I can understand the idea. Ideally, we should all (pets including) consume a diet of natural foods free of processed or packaged ingredients. Depending on the lifestyle and budget, it can be a bit unrealistic for dogs and humans. Although I would like to see all of my clients on an at-home, fresh whole food nutrition, I can see many reasons that a tiny portion of my patients eat this way. The reasons are the costs and lack of resources for foods that cause allergies and digestive problems.

If you’re feeding your dog kibbles, it’s fine. It is. We’re all doing the best we can.

If you want to elevate your pet’s nutrition to a higher level, however you feel a limit, I’ve got some good news. There are plenty of simple and enjoyable ways to include fresh, whole foods into their diet without costing a lot or resigning from their job.

What Is a Healthy Diet for a Dog

Here are some strategies I employ when working with my patients.

Eggs. Aim for an egg a day! Eggs are a superfood packed with minerals, vitamins, protein, and good fats. Scrambled or hard-boiled eggs are great snacks to enjoy or add to your pet’s breakfast.

Berries. Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are packed with antioxidants that aid in fighting free radicals. If you’d like to earn points for your efforts, ferment the berries to include probiotics in their diet. This is what you can do!

Leafy greens. Greens are great for everyone! They aid digestion and are rich in minerals and vitamins like magnesium, vitamin C, and iron. Steam some chard before adding an amount of fish oil. Kale chips are also an enormous hit for dogs who love a bit of crunch, and you’re feeling fancy!

Dehydrated raw. This is an excellent method to include food items that are less processed for your pet’s food. If you can’t feed your dog raw food daily, adding food in the middle or it is possible. Many of my patients consume the half raw and half diets with kibble. I love you. Stir & Boom is one of my top choices.

I’ve got some other helpful tips for saving the cost of feeding your pet the right food on this page.

If you’re considering adding the dog’s food diet, here are a few points to be considered:

Check your pet’s waistline. You’re adding calories to your pet to your pet, so ensure that you’re not making your pet overweight.

Make sure their diet is balanced. If you add components to your dog’s food, ensure it is under 15 percent of its calories. You can calculate this. For instance, I wouldn’t recommend feeding your dog just blueberries instead of a diet of kibble. If your pup is fed two times a day, it would mean that blueberries account for half of their diet. This could result in mineral and vitamin deficiency. Instead, try using the blueberries for a topping or snack in between meals. A balanced dehydrated raw food such as the Stir & Boom is completely secure as it is already loaded with minerals and vitamins.

Begin slowly. If your pet has a sensitive stomach or food sensitivities, begin slowly. Instead of pouring in an entire egg, begin by taking a few bites and gradually increasing the number.