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Boo! Find the best pet costume

If you love Halloween like we do, you’ve likely been anticipating it since August. You’ve probably already chosen your costume and eagerly await Target’s Halloween decorations.

You may still need to prepare your pet before the Halloween festivities. Have no fear! There are costume ideas for every pet personality.

The Hot Dog

A dog dressed as a hotdog is a timeless classic. Your dog will look adorable with two buns and condiments on top. It works for any dog but is best when done with a dachshund. Your dog will be the talk of the ballpark. Bonus points are awarded if you give your dog a hot dog-related name, such as Frank, Bratwurst, or Sausage (an acceptable dog name). You can find the best hot dog costume at Chewy Target and Party City.

The Lion

The lion costume will be perfect for your family cat or golden retrievers. It is cute, simple, and comfortable. The lion costume is just the lion’s hair, so it’s perfect for pets who don’t like to wear clothes. This costume offers maximum reward for minimal effort. Dress yourself as a gladiator or lion tamer to take the theme to a new level. Your significant other will not find it strange that you match your costume with your pet instead of theirs. This costume can be found on Amazon or the adorable

The Tarantula

The costume is suitable for all dogs but looks fantastic on large pups. A dog dressed up as a giant spider is both adorable AND terrifying. This cute costume will make your friends go crazy. The prank went viral some years ago, and the giant spider is now one of the most popular dog costumes. The costume will make your dog happy because everyone will want to run after him or chase him! The outfit is available at Party City Target and Chowy.

Rodeo Costume

Rodeo costumes are the easiest for your pet to wear, especially if they dislike wearing anything other than a harness. Your dog or cat will look like a rodeo bull with a cowboy on its back. The costume comes to life when your pet tries removing the western rider. This is one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs and cats. This costume is a hit at Halloween parties and attracts many people. It’s available on Amazon.

Whatever costume you choose for your dog, we know it will be fantastic! Take many photos to share your adorable furry friend’s outfits with us. If you’ve been trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween, reward your pets with chews and treats. They’ll look at you with the “Why have you done this to me?” face.