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Cat Behavior: Why Do Cats Fear Cucumbers

Videos of cats acting silly or in strange ways are very popular and hilarious. It’s fun to watch them all together, whether on the couch watching with your cat or at work. Grumpy Cat and Cat Breading are just a few feline-themed online videos.

Scaring your cat with cucumbers is another trend that has become popular. It may seem like a harmless prank, but it isn’t very comforting to cats. There are a few theories about why cats get nervous around green gourds.

Why Do Cats Fear Cucumbers

Remember that house cats have traits in common with the rest of their feline family. Your kitten shares the same instincts with Simba, Aslan, and the lion from the MGM logo. Cats retain some of their predatory instincts despite their domestication. This is why they like to pounce and can’t help but want to be king. (Put Elton John’s Circle of Life in the playlist to channel your inner Simba). What does this urge have to do with cucumbers?

Cats become frightened when a cucumber suddenly appears. The viral trend also has a suspense element. Sneaking up behind a cat as it eats and placing the cucumber in front of it is one way to create this. Cats are most relaxed when they’re eating. The sudden placement of the cucumber, an unfamiliar foreign object, caught them by surprise at a time when they were most vulnerable. This is likely why cats get scared when they realize what’s before them. Imagine you were enjoying a quiet meal when someone suddenly crept up behind you, even if they knew you. You would be surprised too, wouldn’t you?

What can it do to your cat

Cats aren’t afraid of cucumbers per se. It’s just the situation that makes them jump. This can lead to anxiety. It’s not a good habit. You would want to see something other than Freddy Krueger every day. Remember that cats see it as their home. It’s where cats feel safe and comfortable. It can be detrimental to their well-being if you regularly scare them. This could lead to a change in diet, hair loss, or even stop them from using the toilet. Oh no, you didn’t?

Instead of scaring your cat, you might want to make a cucumber sandwich or leave the cucumbers on the top shelf in the refrigerator. We promise you; they’re delicious.