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Our Favorite Presidential Pet Facts

Alongside all of the U.S. Presidents, their families, and personnel, a small number of other species have also lived in the White House. From bears to mice, animals of all sizes and shapes are making the world’s most well-known home in America their residence.

We’re not sure about the kind of food these critters were served; we’re betting they enjoyed the best in pet food, such as the meat and lamb pet food and Jerky treats.

We’ve collected a few of our top presidential pet information below and tips for creating a portrait appropriate to The First Family.

Presidential Pet Facts

George Washington

It is said that the United States’ first president was the very proud owner of Polly the Parrot and 36 hounds and several horses.

Abraham Lincoln

The pet collection of our 16th President was akin to a petting zoo which included an elk named Jack and goats with names like Nanny and Nanko dogs, ponies, pigs, and white rabbits.

Theodore Roosevelt

The 26th President of the United States is famous for having the widest collection of pets. This comprised Sailor Boy, the Chesapeake Bay retriever, Manchu the Pekingese; Skip the Mutt; the terriers known as Jack and Pete cats with names Tom Quartz as well as Slippers; Josiah the badger; Algonquin the pony; Eli the macaw; Jonathan, the rat with a piebald face, Emily Spinach the garter snake, twelve horses five bears guineapigs Other snakes, two lizards, kangaroo rats and roosters, an owl as well as a flying squirrel. Coyotes, a raccoon, a lion, Hyena, and a Zebra.

Calvin Coolidge

The President proved it is possible to teach any animal to walk on a lead, which he did successfully with his pet Rebecca the Raccoon! Maybe something that our cat parents might try shortly?!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR loved dogs and loved spoiling his pets. The canine team consisted of Fala as well as Meggie, the Scottish Terriers; Major, the German shepherd; Winks, the Llewellin setter; Tiny, the English sheepdog; President, the Great Dane; and Blaze, the mastiff.

John F. Kennedy

JFK had a wide range of domestic pets like Tom Kitten the cat, Robin the canary, Zsa Zsa the rabbit, Sardar the horse, and ponies called Macaroni, Tex, and Leprechaun. During his time in Pennsylvania Avenue, Kennedy also had two parakeets, Bluebell and Marybelle, hamsters Debbie and Billie, a Welsh dog, Charlie, and Pushinka, Shannon, Wolf, and Clipper. Pushinka, along with Charlie, had pups while their parents, the Kennedy household, kept Blackie, Butterfly, and Streaker along with White Tips.

Richard Nixon

Nixon’s passion for animals extended beyond furry animals to aquatic creatures. Alongside Nixon’s cocker spaniel Checkers, his pet poodle named Vicky, his dog named Pasha, and the Irish Setter known as King Timahoe, Nixon also kept a pet fish for himself.

Ronald Reagan

The President was simple in his four-legged department. He had Rex, the King Charles spaniel, and Lucky, a Bouvier des Flandres sheepdog.

George H.W. Bush

The former President Bush had a pet family, including Millie, one of the Springer spaniels, and Ranger Millie, one of her puppies.

Bill Clinton

In the days of Clinton, the White House looked similar to the homes of most people who have pets. Socks the cat, as well as Buddy The chocolate Labrador Retriever, were part of their family members in the Clinton family at the Clinton family’s Pennsylvania Ave abode.

George W. Bush

W, along with his loved ones, adored their animals. This group consisted of Spot, The Springer spaniel Barney The Scottish terrier, and India (“Willie”) Cat. Also, they had a cat with a polydactyl named Ernie who needed to be relocated because of his wild side of him. In his time at the helm, President Bush also gave his wife Laura the gift of a Scottish dog named Miss Beazley to celebrate the birthday of First Lady Laura.

Barack Obama

During his presidential campaign in the presidential campaign, during his campaign, President Obama stated that his daughters would get puppies, and he delivered! They were first introduced to Bo in the White House, and then Sunny added a few years later. The Portuguese canines were among the newest four-legged guests at the prestigious White House.

Donald Trump

During the presidency of President Trump during his presidency, there was no “First Dog” in the White House, but don’t worry about Mr. Ex-President! This is a great method to determine which cat or dog lover.

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden are bringing two German shepherds named Major and Champ. Major and Champ were the only dogs to visit the White House since their pals Bo and Sunny Obama! Fun facts: Major is a rescue dog transforming his living conditions by moving into his own space in the White House (shoutout to Delaware Humane Association!). For Champ, this isn’t the first visit to the White House after he visits his Obama friends throughout the years.