Animals/ Pets

Should my pet visit a psychic or clairvoyant

What do your pets say to you? In words? Images? Emotions

I am a psychic, and animals communicate with me by feeling energy, emotions, pictures, my spirit guilds, and a sense they know.

Does your pet have a “voice”

It’s not as if you were talking to Scooby-Doo. Images, emotions, and feelings are the main ways animals communicate. Images are like short movies. Many pets have shown me their homes. Please show me where they like to sleep or hang out. These images evoke emotions in me. If they send me a picture of a human, I feel that they like it. Your pet is fond of this image. They may tell me they like them when they play with the person or rub their belly. These images can be handy when asking, “Why is my pet acting a certain manner?” or “what upsets my pet?” I can ask the animal to show me why or what upset it. Let’s say your pet hides when you open the door to the freezer. I can tell from my dog that the freezer makes an irritating sound to his hearing. If you oiled the door, it would be less loud. I can’t change their behavior. I can’t make them stop something by simply asking them to. If I could change their behavior, I would have been a multi-millionaire. You can fix it if you know why they act in a particular manner. You can change their environment or train them.

Can you communicate better with certain animals than others

Cats are the most difficult. First, they have to trust in me. They sometimes need help understanding how much energy I give them. At first, they seem distant. Horses are the most accessible animals to communicate with. Wild animals are more challenging to connect with. My connection with wild animals is mostly through meditation. I am working on a new book that will explore the lessons of animals from my reflections.

Do pets understand you or only hear you

I can tell by their emotional state and energy that they are there. Then I translate it into words so that we can understand. They can understand the power that I send them. I start every session by sending them calm energy. Tell them it’s safe for me to receive power from them. Once they have my trust, I expect them to start quickly providing me with information. I can’t keep up with them all the time. They need to slow down. Sometimes I need to write everything down. Everyone communicates with their pet. Although they may not understand what you say, they can sense your emotions. Say, for example, you’re going on vacation, and someone will come to your house to take care of your pet. I suggest that you tell your pet what your plans will be. **The message should be positive. “We will be gone for a while, but a wonderful person is coming to visit who plans to have lots of fun with you during our absence.” Remember that animals can sense our emotions and energy. If you are stressed, they will also be.

Do you own pets? What is it like

I have two cats. I have two cats. Chubs, a 20 lb mush ball, and Little-man, a love muffin who is deaf. I also have 2 Belgian Malinois and a Guinea Pig named “Kiko.” I take them on hikes and run 1-2 times per week. In December 2017, I lost my best dog, Maggie. I’ll get another dog someday. I let animals naturally come into my life. You must first understand that I do not always “on” when connecting with my pets. This can be turned off. I only want it to be on when I’m in need. Sometimes I receive messages from the sky. Most of the time, I prefer to enter “my special space” before connecting with animals. I can tell when something is wrong with my animals or if they are upset. When I connect psychically, that’s when it happens. I like to spend time with my animals and share our love for each other. All of my animals are very relaxed and social. He is playing with the children. Our Guinea pig has been in a summer camp for kids for eight weeks. He’s been doing it for three summers.

You walk by a talking pet and need to tell its owner something

This would always happen to me when I was developing my skills. I was a groomer. Animals can be handled for many hours while in a relaxed mood. I got a lot of messages. It was difficult to keep quiet, but I couldn’t walk up to clients to tell them that their pets told me something. I’m sure I would have been fired if I had said anything. Over the years, I’ve learned to be less “on,” but I still receive messages. These messages stay with me for a while until I remove them. They are always hovering around my head. I must speak up. It’s always worked out well. I’ve never had anyone get angry at me because I gave them a message. Animal Communications has become more accepted today than when I first started.

You can connect with pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

They will greet you. Since I know it is true, I use the phrase ” until you meet again.” They often bring family members along when connecting with animals that have passed. When I’m in the “realm,” I might receive messages from spirits. I believe it is important if a spirit wants to communicate with my client.

Does your pet communicate with you through barking, words, or images of treats

I love it when my dogs tell me what they like and don’t. All the time!! :). They would show me the treats they used to get and then wonder why I stopped giving them any. They still want it. Also, they let me know which food or treats are not their favorites. Stop putting peas into my food, for example!