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Teaching your dog to swim in the pool the fun and safe way

Want your dog in the pool with you this summer? This is a fun way to cool off and spend more time with your dog! Here’s how to introduce your dog to the pool safely.

ShouldYou introduce your dog to the pool

First, is it okay to let your pet swim in your swimming pool? The short answer to this question is yes, as long as you are careful.

Consider if your dog would like to be in the water before you take any action. Some dogs love water and will jump into it headfirst. Some dogs are less enthusiastic. Some dogs are afraid of the water, especially those with short legs. The right life jacket and some tasty treats can help encourage your dog to learn to swim. However, you should also consider his or her natural ability and desire to be in the water before starting swim lessons.

Think about the impact your dog may have on your pool. Even though we love our pets, they are dirtier than most humans. They can bring mud, fur, and bacteria to the pool. A single dog can cause as much strain on your pool filter system as three people. If your dogs are frequent swimmers, you must be extra careful when cleaning the pool. Trim and file long nails as they may scratch vinyl or plastic pool liners and even other swimmers when your dog vigorously paddles.

It’s time to start teaching your dog how to swim if you are willing to invest some extra time using the pool skimmer and your puppy has shown an interest in dipping their toes into the water.

How to teach your dog to swim in a pool

Start small. You want your dog to feel comfortable in the shallowest part of your pool. This is usually the top step on the stairs. Make it fun for them by offering them treats, toys, and praise. You can teach them how to enter and exit the pool. Repeat the process several times to ensure they know the location of the exit.

One step at a time. Encourage your dog to jump down the next step once they are comfortable. You can hold a short-legged or small dog in your arms to help them learn how to float as you go deeper into the water.

Encourage your dog to swim as they reach the limit of their paws’ ability. If your dog could benefit from extra buoyancy, this is the perfect time to introduce them to a life jacket. Keep your dog close so that you can support him under his chest and belly when he learns to paddle. Give them a gentle tap on the back to remind them.

Teach the exits of all pools. After they are comfortable paddling, teach them to get out. Keep eyeing them and call out the exits until they are comfortable. Repeat the process on different days and exits so that they know how to escape.

Continue to enjoy pool time, but in shorter sessions. Repeat the training you have already done and add new elements when they can swim. Introduce games like aquatic fetch or let them swim further distances. Soon, they will be swimming faster than you!

Dogs and Water Safety

Never leave your dog alone in the water.

Cover or fence the pool to prevent your dog from wandering in.

Doggy life vests are a lifesaver for weak swimmers and a safety feature for stronger swimmers.

Make sure that the exits from the pool are free of obstructions, such as pool floats.

You can let your dog swim in chlorine pools without worrying about their skin or coat. However, you should always wash them with clean water afterward to avoid irritation.

Saltwater pools are also suitable for dogs. A post-swim wash will keep their fur soft.

Sometimes, dogs drink a lot of pool water! Dogs can drink pool water with low levels of chlorine. However, too much water can cause serious stomach problems and complications.

Provide fresh water at the poolside to allow swimmers to drink water without chemicals or salt.

Pool chemicals can be used to dilute levels in water that are safe for dogs. However, pool chemicals must always be kept away from curious noses and stored securely.

It’s worth it to make your dog happy and comfortable in the swimming pool this summer! You’ll soon have a friend for your backyard pool days and any dog-friendly pools you may find on your travels. For example, a quick Google search for “swimming pools for dogs near me” will reveal many options. You can also find out more about us on our website. Just supply you with a field trip next weekend…you are welcome in advance.